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Fall Team Sign-up - Deadline July 14
2014 Fall Team Sign-ups (simply telling mvysa your team will play this fall) are now being accepted online...
Team Sign-up for fall 2014 is now under way. This is completing a simple form telling mvysa your team wishes to play in our league during the fall 2014 season. See the appropriate section below for your team. All teams wishing to play MUST complete and submit the ONLINE Sign-up Form no later than Monday, July 14, 2014. Teams have until mid August to complete the registration paperwork (carding coaches and players). Please submit the Sign-up form as soon as possible to allow for "Online Divisioning" by league directors to take place prior to the Divisioning Meeting that will be held Monday July 21, 2014 at the General Meeting at Fairborn High School. Girls team coaches will meet at 6:00PM prior to the General Meeting and boys coaches will meet after the General Meeting.

  1. ALL spring 2014 or fall 2013 returning teams that are signing up for the Fall 2014 Season:
    1. To sign-up your returning team, login, manage your team, select 'Team Sign-up', complete the simplified form and submit.
    2. If you are the new Head Coach of an team which has played in mvysa before contact the mvysa office ( for sign-up assistance.
    3. After you sign-up you will be able to register players for this fall in the Edit Team area. See 'Register a Team' in the How To: menu item on the left for updated directions.
    4. After Sign-up use the Restrictions link to to provide restriction dates so we can build an useful schedule.
    5. Did you forget your password? Go to the "iPassword Reminder" section in the Login area.
  2. ALL NEW Teams that are signing for the Fall 2014 Season:
    1. To sign-up your new team, click on Login on the top right, select 'New Team Sign-up', complete the form and submit. When your team is approved (usually within 24 hours) it will show on the Teams page.
    2. If you are new to the mvysa system you will get an email with your userid and password. After your team has been approved you will be able to login and complete your player registrations. See 'Register a Team' in the How To: menu item on the left for complete directions.
    3. After Sign-up use the Restrictions link to to provide restriction dates so we can build an useful schedule.
    4. The Registrar will post your Team Number on the website under the Teams tab at the top of the site.
FEES: All teams must send Fall 2014 League Fee to mvysa no later than Tuesday, July 15, 2014.
  1. League Fee Chart
  2. Teams paying their own fee must submit their team number and name with their fee. Clubs who are paying fees for their teams must submit the League Fees with a completed "Treasurers Form" found under the "Form" tab (3rd form down). Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. If you are paying in cash then you must deliver in person at the mvysa office! Inclusion of correct Team Number(s) is critical. The correct form and fees are to be sent or brought to mvysa, 7029 Taylorsville Road, Suite A, Huber Heights, OH 45424 . Make checks or money orders out to mvysa.
  3. NEW: Pay League Fees via credit card online - Teams may pay by choosing the 'Pay League Fee' button on their Team Menu. Clubs may pay by having the Point of Contact for their club choose 'Club Online Payment of League Fees' under their Club Options when they log in.

Posted on: 2014-07-03

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