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Parental Involvement in Game Day
Positive parental involvement in the soccer experience is essential...
Positive parental involvement in the soccer experience is essential to a players continued interest in the game. The average age at which a soccer player stops playing the game of soccer in the United States is 12, which coincidentally, is the average age at which players begin to play organized soccer in the rest of the world. Players who cease playing the game cite parental pressure to excel and lack of positive feedback as the most significant reasons for quitting the game. In order to improve your child’s experience and ensure his or her long-term commitment to the game, please provide your child, his or her teammates, coaches, and the opposing team with positive encouragement before, during and after each match.

Also, remember that both of you and your child are part of a team. While on the field during the match your child is under the direction and supervision of his or her coach. The referees are present to enforce the rules of the game and to make every effort to ensure that the game is played fairly and safely. Inappropriate or abusive parental behavior toward a coach, player, another parent or a referee can result in parental ejections from a match by the referee.

Posted on: 2005-11-28

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